[TW-marshals] - North Carolina Regional Deputy Marshal

Robert Putnam n-scale-ns at morrisbb.net
Thu Oct 2 21:52:08 CDT 2014

  By now I am sure that people have seen Dame Dealla's message that we will
soon be losing our North Carolina Regional Deputy Marshal, Baroness Eleanor
of Grey as she will be moving out of Kingdom and if anyone was interested in
the regional position, to please let her know.

  As of right now, Baroness Eleanor of Grey and I are co-regional North
Carolina Regional Deputy Marshals.  I will be taking the position completely
when Baroness Eleanor of Grey leaves our Kingdom.  If anyone needs to
contact me, all of my contact information is available in our Warranted
Thrown Weapons Marshals list

  I have meet and worked with some of the Marshals at many different events
but at this time I would like to ask the North Carolina Thrown Weapons
Marshals and MiTs to come by the range at WoW and say hello.  It will help
me to meet everyone and help put faces with names as well as letting people
meet me and see who I am as well.

	Lord Robert Leftehand of Weymouth
	(Robert Putnam)

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