[TW-marshals] Unevent TW 2014

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Thu Dec 4 08:43:43 CST 2014

To my fellow TW Marshals, and M'Lord Earl Marshal,

Many apologies.  I meant to get this out sooner, but here is the
planned agenda (with my initial comments) for this weekend's 

Discussion on this list before and after is greatly encouraged,
as it will make sure that those who are unable to attend get the
scoop on everything TW :)




Unevent TW 2014

Almost all of this could/should be ongoing discussions on the list 

Concerns that you may have about things that have happened in the past
- no MiT can be left alone to run a range - there must always be a full marshal present
- ?????

Royal rounds 
- likes/dislikes
- keep weapons separate?  Or group to one overall
- rankings ?????

Other competition recommendations 
- novice vs advanced
- kinetic ( moving while throwing)
- moving targets
- vary target heights
- two handed ( assuming target is strong enough) - restrictions - handle length
- 'funny' weapons - designate scoring part

Basics of throwing for handicapped 
- based on classes/discussions with East Kingdom marshals who teach this

Classes for future universities?
 - classroom based? 
-- marshal training, build a knife, care and feeding, teaching to throw, teaching youth to throw, 
         competition/target round table, building a target
- if range is available? 
-- beginning throwing, handicapped, weird weapons, building a target

Equestrian TW?
 - how does everyone feel about this?
 - what do individuals know about what has been proposed/discussed in the past?

What can we do to encourage TW?
- talk to autocrats/MICs - emphasize that not much space needed
- advertise the fact that events will have tw
- loaner gear
- beginner classes at events

Other topics of interest as time allows

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