[TW-marshals] Children's targets

Carol Atkins ladyeworks at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 14 14:13:48 CDT 2013

Greetings to my fellow marshals,
At War of the Wings last year, the MIC had an hour set aside for just children on the thrown on the range.   It was quite a success, but some of the smaller throwers were challenged by the adult-height targets.   Also, the marshals were concerned re bounce back as the kids don't always react as quickly as adults.    
So.  We were discussing, instead of making regular targets shorter, perhaps making targets out of double layers of pink insulation foam with wood backing and securing them against the legs of the regular targets.   Easy to move in and out of place.   Or something along that line. CoG has lots of types of foam so we can try flinging some axes and see if they will hold an ax.
Anyway,   Any ideas?   Open for suggestions.
THL Eleanor of Grey     aka  Lady E
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