[TW-marshals] Thrown Weapon Prizes

John Atkins cogworks at triad.rr.com
Tue Apr 2 12:54:43 CDT 2013

Lady E collects small Throw Weapons jewlery pieces she typically gives
out as prizes.  She has also given out sets of throwing knifes.  I know
the question is on the TW list but for archery I typically give out
archery related jewlery and on rare occasion will give out arm guards or
quivers.  However, we think the jewlery works the best as we often see
people still wearing it years after they won it.  That's satisfying and
lets us know the person really liked what they won.

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Here's a question: what are some prizes you've given out, or seen given
out, for winners of thrown weapon competitions? 

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