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John and others, Courtesy of Janyn's queries to the Society level, it wasdetermined that neither Archery nor Thrown Weaponsneeds to have waivers signed by non-members at theirpractices.  Only the combat related activities need these. Dealla 

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Dealla,Does thrown weapons need to do a waver at a practice? I know we sometimes do TW at Wolfhow on Sundays which is an official canton Archery practice.I do not want to get Allen stirred up, but I wanted to know. thank you
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Per the last emails from Janyn to the Marshals@ list ... He calledSociety, and confirmed.Archers don't need waivers (at practices)So carry on not requiring them ;)SiegfriedPS.  Janyn is my hero.On 12/6/12 9:07 AM, loreleielkins at aol.com wrote:> Oh nice.  Thank you!> > You are my hero.> > Lorelei> PS.  We've never, ever used waivers at archery practice.  > 
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