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Jim Toscano jim1059 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 08:57:19 CDT 2012

Marshals and Fighters we have a fairly serious issue to contemplate within our group.  
First I admire and respect every person I step on the field to play with.  We are a tight nit group of Atlantians, we play well and we do a good job. 
However, apparently our blow calling is ramping up and we are hitting harder, within cut and thrust.  Everyone is reminded that our minimum blow standard is positive pressure in line with the blade, no matter cut, thrust or draw.
Your armor may not be allowed to interfere with that blow calling.  Armor is designed to deaden and remove the penetration of potentially harmful impact.  Armor works, and good armor works well for protection, otherwise that would not have worn it.  In a community dedicated to throwing the lightest possible blow, armor is strongly contra-indicated. In the heavy world we say take light and give heavy.  In cut and thrust we are different: take lighter and give lightly.
I have discovered several loopholes within society and kingdom rules.  I along with a group of marshals will be closing those loopholes.  Until then this is my specific intent:
- take light
- throw light
- be totally forgiving of your opponent
- be absolutely unforgiving of yourself
- wear only the armor you absolutely need.
Be involved.  I want you to follow the combat and be in control.  While I do not expect you to call blows, I do expect you to see the phrase of combat and be able to repeat it.  I expect us to work with our fighters helping them over the rough spots and teaching as we go.
If you do not feel comfortable being able to do these things please turn in your warrant with honor.  We need to get these issues addressed and controlled.
Is our program worse off than other kingdoms: no.  What we have is pole vaulting over mole hills.  Before these mole hills become a problem we will address them.
When you see myself or some of my selected senior marshalling staff fighting way over the top, we are engaged in an information gathering exercise.  Several of the highly skilled fighters in the kingdom have been tapped to help me gather data on a different convention of cut and thrust, involving armor and calibrated blows.  So you will know who some of them, look for Master Alan, Duke Michael, Duke Cuan, Sir Roland, Master Vortigern or myself.  This information exercise is not a change to convention.   The skill subsets are fairly precise and the danger is somewhat increased.  We are intent on perfecting our convention and establishing a deeper, safer cut and thrust program. 
 In order for this to be successful we have to gather data points.  These data points will be used in recommendation papers that may change the face and style of cut and thrust combat. This data may be completely discarded and conventions remain the same, with a concerning level of ambiguity.  We will see where it leads us.
Thank you for your attention in this matter.
Master Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze, Provost
DEM-Rapier, Atlantia
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